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Advocacy Groups & Other Partners 


The IDD system in Colorado is wonderfully supported by a large network of advocacy groups. We at Alliance are grateful for all of the expertise and assistance present in each of our advocacy partners. Please feel free to contact one of them below for support.

Alliance's CO IDD Advocacy Partners


Alliance hosts quarterly meetings with the leading IDD advocacy groups in Colorado. We work together to tackle pressing issues for people with IDD in Colorado, including navigating complex policy solutions, discussing best practices, and collaborating on events and initiatives.

Advocacy partners sharing in this important work with Alliance include:

The Colorado Cross- Disability Coalition

(303) 839-1775


Disability Law Colorado

(303) 722-0300

JFK Partners (University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities)

(303) 724-5266

The Arc of Colorado

(303) 864-9334


Other Colorado Disability Advocacy Organizations:

The Colorado Cross- Disability Coalition

(303) 839-1775

Autism Society of America (CO)

(720) 214-0794

Mile High Down Syndrome Association

(303) 797-1699

Citizens Advocate Office


Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund

(510) 644-2555

World Institute on Disability

(510) 763-4100

Self-Advocate Disability Organizations

Speaking for Ourselves

(contact Arc of CO)

(303) 864-9334


We Connect Now 

We Connect Now is dedicated to uniting people interested in rights and issues affecting people with disabilities, with particular emphasis on college students and access to higher education and employment issues.

Parent Disability Advocacy Organizations:

Family Voices

1-800-881-8272 (CO)

1-888-835-5669 (Ntl.)

Parent to Parent

(877) 472-7201


Peak Parent Center

(719) 531-9400



Please note, we only post resources we receive from Alliance Membership or Colorado IDD partners.

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