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What happens at the Capitol can have a big impact on the lives of people receiving IDD services in Colorado and on the agencies that support them. Get involved and make your voice heard on issues that are important to you by contacting your legislator about some of the legislation below. 

Alliance's Government Relations Committee meets weekly during session to analyze and take positions on bills. Contact Emma Hudson, Alliance's Lobbying and Government Relations Consultant, for more information.


Alliance Supports END THE WAIT (2020 Bill Concept)

A proposal to ensure access to quality services and enhance IDD system capacity

3,000 people with intellectual and development disabilities in Colorado are currently waiting for comprehensive disability services! To advance the goal of eliminating the waiting list while ensuring system capacity, we are asking the General Assembly to:

  • Commit to a 6-year, phased-in elimination of the DD waiting list. In each of the next six years, Colorado
    should enroll 500 people (about one-sixth of the individuals) on the DD waiver’s "As Soon As Available"
    waiting list; and

  • Tie future increases to the Consumer Price Index (aka standard inflation measure) to ensure the availability of providers to serve new and existing enrollees.


Please join us in helping to END THE WAIT! Learn more about the 2020 legislative effort and how you can help at or contact us at

Alliance Supports HB20-1012 ( M. Young | L. Landgraf / N. Todd | B. Gardner)

Child Welfare Program Children Developmental Disabilities

The bill makes changes to a program (program) within the department of human services (department) for children and youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities or co-occurring disorders (children and youth). The scope of rules to be promulgated by the department for the program is expanded to include planning for services for children and youth who become 18 years of age while in the program; access to behavioral health services; wait list management; process for a child or youth who is at risk for out-of-home placement; and program evaluation.

Current law only allows for a county department of human or social services to submit an application to the program for a child or youth. The bill extends this option to the parent or legal guardian of the child or youth, and extends all notification requirements related to the program to the parent or legal guardian as well.

The bill updates reimbursement provisions so that if a child or youth is not in the custody of a county department of human or social services or the department, the department shall directly reimburse the licensed provider where the child or youth is placed.

Beginning on or before September 1, 2020, the department is required to compile and make public an annual report on the program.

Alliance Supports HB20-1058 (M. Froelich (D) / J. Bridges (D))

Behavior Analysts In Public Schools

The bill requires an administrative unit to allow a behavior analyst to provide medically necessary services to a student during school hours if the student's parent or legal guardian requests such services.

The bill requires each administrative unit to adopt a policy that outlines certain requirements for a behavior analyst who is providing services in a school setting and parents who request the services of a behavior analyst. An administrative unit may establish consequences for a behavior analyst for failure to comply with the administrative unit's policy.

The bill requires each administrative unit to establish reporting requirements and prohibits an administrative unit from entering into a contract or an exclusive agreement with a behavior analyst that prohibits the parent or legal guardian from choosing a behavior analyst for the student.

Alliance Supports on HB20-1128 (B. Buentello (D) | J. Wilson (R) / R. Zenzinger (D) | K. Priola (R))

Educator Education Requirements Special Education

For renewal of an educator license, the bill requires teachers, special services providers, principals, and administrators to complete 10 clock hours of professional development during the term of the license relating to increasing awareness of laws and practices relating to the education of students with disabilities in the classroom, including but not limited to child find and inclusive learning environments.

The bill also requires each educator preparation program, alternative teacher program, and alternative principal preparation program to include course work that provides educator candidates or alternative teacher or principals with an overview of federal laws relating to the education of students with disabilities, individualized education programs, and child find and that teaches educators effective special education classroom practices, including but not limited to inclusive learning environments.

Alliance Supports HB20-1263 (Caraveo, Pelton and Gonzales)


The bill phases out sub-minimum wage employment for employers that hold a special certificate from the United States department of labor that authorizes employers to pay employees whose earning capacity is impaired by age, physical or mental deficiency, or injury less than the minimum wage. The bill requires each employer that holds a special certificate to submit a transition plan to the Colorado department of labor and employment detailing how the employer plans to phase out sub-minimum wage employment.The bill requires the employment first advisory partnership in the department of labor and employment to develop actionable recommendations to address structural and fiscal barriers to phase out sub-minimum wage employment and successfully implement competitive integrated employment and report the recommendations to the general assembly.The bill requires the department of health care policy and financing to grant money to private employers, not to exceed $25,000 per employer, to provide assistance in developing and implementing a transition plan to phase out sub-minimum wage employment. The bill requires the department of health care policy and financing to add employment-related services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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