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Alliance Public Policy Priorities


The Alliance Board of Directors adopted the five-year public policy agenda for 2021-2025. This agenda is not an exhaustive list of issues important to Alliance. Rather, it includes the high-priority goals we have identified as important to achieve in the next five years through a variety of mechanisms, including legislation, regulation, and waiver amendments. The priorities are divided into ongoing priorities and our five-year strategic priority areas. Alliance will engage with our partners in the disability community as well as other interested stakeholders to fulfill the goals of this policy agenda.


Read Alliance's Detailed Five-Year Public Policy Agenda


Read Alliance's 2022 Recommendations to Improve Colorado's Early Intervention (EI) Services

Alliance’s three ongoing priorities are to:

  1. Enhance system capacity for IDD services though long-term solutions

  2. End the DD Wait List

  3. Continue to implement person-centered practices


Alliance’s six Strategic Policy areas will aim to:

  1. Create Individualized Budget Allocations for Waiver Participants

  2. Advance Competitive Integrated Employment Outcomes

  3. Eliminate Referrals to State-Operated Services by Strengthening Community Supports

  4. Increase Affordable Housing 

  5. Increase Access to Technology

  6. Improve Data Collection Related to IDD Services

2021-25 Alliance PLAN Committees:​​

  • Individualized Budgets Committee

    • ​Request more information HERE.

  • IDD Housing Committee

    • Request more information HERE

  • Emergency Response in Communities (ERIC) Committee

    • Request more information HERE.

  • Employment Committee

    • Request more information HERE.

  • Data Collection Committee

    • Request more information HERE.

  • Technology Committee

    • Request more information HERE.


Due to limited space, non-member participation on these committees is by invitation only. Alliance members can find the PLAN Committee webpages in the Alliance Member Portal.



View Alliance Issue Briefs, Talking Points, and Policy Papers here

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