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Potential New Member Information for PASAs, CCBs, and CMAs

Thank you for your interest in joining Alliance. Because Alliance is interested in representing the best IDD providers in Colorado, we have a membership application and review process. We require new and existing members to uphold high ethical standards to belong to Alliance. Review our Alliance New Member Acceptance Policy before applying. 

There are six steps to joining our association as a CCB, CMA, or PASA Member:


  1. Fill out and return the Alliance Membership Application

  2. Sign and return the Alliance Code of Ethics

  3. Sign and return the Alliance Code of Conduct

  4. Fill out the Alliance Income Certification Form so we can calculate your dues.

    • CMA's: We will email you the information we need to calculate your dues. No need to complete the form linked above.

  5. Schedule an interview with Alliance Staff or members of Alliance’s Membership Services Committee by contacting Kylie Kampbell at

  6. Alliance will conduct a 30-day feedback process from our existing membership. If positive comments are received, we will invite you to a Membership Meeting to meet our team.

Please return all documents to Kylie Kampbell at


Alliance is a nonprofit, statewide association comprised of IDD case management and provider agencies, businesses serving the IDD community, and disability advocacy organizations. We are distinguished by our leadership and advocacy of member organizations and the individuals and families they serve. Our efforts in the areas of public policy, state legislation, developmental disability initiatives, and demonstration of best practices have positioned us as the premier resource for organizations and individuals associated with Colorado’s community-centered system of services and supports for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Please click HERE to learn more about Alliance's great member benefits.


Please submit all documents and/or questions to Alliance's Director of Membership & Events, Kylie Kampbell

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