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"Roll Up Your Sleeves" Celebrations

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"Roll Up Your Sleeves" Celebration at The Resource Exchange in Colorado Springs!


It was such an honor to be a part of this first, of what we hope to be several, vaccination clinics in our organization.  To see the excitement and positivity of the people who participated and received their vaccines was incredible and inspirational.  We were able to support people in our services, their family members, our staff and other partners through this effort which brings home for us that sense of community that we all long for as we have experienced the isolation through this pandemic. Community and partnerships are what ultimately support is in working through such challenging times and we are grateful for all who have come together with us in this effort.  - Colleen Head Batchelor, Chief Executive Officer

"Roll Up Your Sleeves" Celebration at FRIENDS of Broomfield!


FRIENDS has been lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with the Broomfield Health Department to get our staff and care providers vaccinated! When staff was notified it was “like Christmas!” Many of us are parents, siblings, host home providers and family caregivers in addition to our jobs at FRIENDS. We were all so appreciative for the opportunity to protect ourselves and those we serve! We anxiously await the second round and hope our family and friends with intellectual and developmental disabilities get theirs soon! -Gina Coufal, Founder & CEO

"Roll Up Your Sleeves" Celebration at Bethesda in Littleton and Centennial!


I commit to becoming a COVID-19 Conqueror by receiving my vaccinations when they are available to me.  I’ve done a lot of research about the vaccine and have been able to disprove just about every piece of false information by finding scientific data and research.  It’s important to me to share the facts (not fear) about the vaccine with those around me.  I personally have asthma and a couple of underlying conditions that put me at risk if I were to contract COVID-19, and therefore am very excited to get immunized!  I will do this to protect myself and others, in particular my family and friends.  My mother had COVID some time ago and luckily, she is a survivor; however, she has long-term lasting effects from the virus that she will deal with forever.  She’s only 61 years old and to be dealing with heart and lung issues that weren’t present before contracting the virus is concerning.  I also want to see all our lives get back to normal.  Mine, yours, my family’s, and those of the people we support.  Together, with a commitment to conquer COVID-19 one vaccine at a time, we will get there!  I’m lining up for my mom Lorraine; my son Peyton; my nieces Cerina, Anjelica and Kayla; my great-nephew Trenton; my great-niece Savannah (due in a few months!); and my brother Chris.  Who are YOU lining up for? -Chad Wietrick, Senior Director of Operations at Bethesda

"Roll Up Your Sleeves" Celebrations at Inspiration Field in La Junta!


We  were excited to see the first doses of the COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine administered by Walgreens staff to 116 individuals in service, staff and Host Home providers.  Many people receiving the vaccination felt like it was a great step in putting the pandemic in the rear view mirror and on the path to opening up again.  Spread wellness and let's do our part to rid ourselves of and minimize this dang COVID!!!  Vaccine UP!!!  -Johnnie DeLeon, Chief Executive Officer at Inspiration Field

"Roll Up Your Sleeves" Celebrations at North Metro Community Services in Westminster!

North Metro had a small vaccination clinic at our Clayton House Group Home on January 20. I was so proud to see every resident and staff person at that facility do their part by choosing to get vaccinated. Due to the way the vaccine is packaged there were some extra doses that needed to be used so we were also able to get a number of DSPs from our Day Program and other Residential staff vaccinated. 22 people were vaccinated, which is a good start though we have a long way to go.

I am personally impatiently awaiting my opportunity to get vaccinated. There have been times during the pandemic when I’ve felt pretty powerless against COVID 19 but the vaccine gives each of us the opportunity to do something to stop this scourge. Getting a vaccination is a way to fight back and help yourself, your family, friends, co-workers and the people we support get our lives back.

-Randy Brodersen, CEO/Executive Director, North Metro Community Services

"Roll Up Your Sleeves" Celebrations at Continuum of Colorado in Aurora!

Lanpher Portrait.jpg

We are happy to say that CoC has been able to provide the COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer through the Walgreens clinics at all of our group home locations.  We offered these vaccines to all of the direct care workers in our group homes, the supervisors and managers of our Residential locations, our transportation drivers, and a few additional CoC staff.  In addition, we were able to give the opportunity of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine to all of our residents at our residential facilities.  In total, to date, we have successfully administered 95 first doses of the vaccines.. and counting!  We hope to maintain this momentum as the state of Colorado moves through the different phases.  As a company providing services to adults and children with I/DD, we feel it’s our responsibility to educate our stakeholders as to why the vaccine is so important.  Protect yourself, and protect others!  #RollUpYourSleeves and help Colorado conquer COVID-19!

- Alexa Lanpher, Vice President, Continuum of Colorado

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