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2022 IDD Day Red Carpet Boxed Luncheon Speeches & DSP of the Year Awards: Live at the Colorado Capitol on March 23, 2022.

Red Carpet
Red Carpet Photos
Policy Webinar

2022 Colorado Senate  IDD Day Tribute!
Start time: 31:30

2022 Colorado House IDD Day Tribute!
Start time: 34:30

Senate and House Tributes

2022 Colorado IDD Policy Webinar
March 23, 2022

IDD Policy Webinar - Meet the presenters here! Learn about:

DSP of th year

2022 Colorado Direct Support Professional (DSP) of the Year
Deborah Rose from North Metro Community Services

Read Deborah's Nomination HERE.


Meet the 2022 IDD Awareness Day Speakers

2022a_larson, colin.jpg

Representative Colin Larson

2021 Alliance Legislator of the Year

Representative Larson has been serving South Jefferson County since 2019. He is a small business owner who knows first-hand how the government stifles job creation. He started his business from the ground up, facing the same challenges that business owners across the metro area face all while creating a community asset for the residents of Ken Caryl and Columbine.

Moving to the Columbine Valley as an infant, he has been a proud Colorado resident for over 24 years, attended Bradford Elementary, Deer Creek Middle School and Littleton High School.

Growing up, he was expected to take responsibility at a young age, getting his first job as a freshman in high school and working his way through college. He earned a degree in political science and history from Colorado College while working administrative jobs on campus. 

After graduating college, he took a job in public policy where he met his wife, Annie. In 2014 he started Atlas Coffees.  Through his role there, he has had the privilege of interacting with people from all walks of life, giving him a broad perspective and deep appreciation for the diverse needs of our community.

Representative Larson has proven to be a consistent ally for Alliance and an unwavering advocate for people with IDD, demonstrated through both his community service and throughout his years on the General Assembly.  Representative Larson has gone above and beyond to engage with the IDD population in his community, including spending time at Stepping Stone Support Center. 

Taylor VanAllen DSP of the Year 2021.JPG

Taylor VanAllen

2021 Direct Support Professional of the Year

Taylor Van Allen is the proud recipient of the “2021 Alliance Direct Support Professional of the Year” award.  He began his career as a DSP eight years ago when he joined the team at A Brighter Community.  As a rookie DSP, Taylor embraced his role whole-heartedly and, over time, he became a master of his craft. Taylor’s gifts and talents are only surpassed by his extreme devotion to the individuals he supports. Taylor has been instrumental in helping A Brighter Community develop its culture of friendship, belonging, inclusion, growth, love, kindness, dignity, and respect – because these are all values that he inherently demonstrates in every aspect of his life. Taylor wishes to thank Alliance for this extreme honor, and for advocating tirelessly on behalf of his friends with IDD.


Isabelle Woloson

IDD Advocate

Isabelle Woloson is a Boulder resident and recent graduate of the University of Northern Colorado. As a woman who has Down Syndrome, Isabelle is one of the first Coloradans with IDD to graduate from an institute of higher education after participating in a UNC program designed to offer students with disabilities the opportunity to attend college. With a certificate in communication under her belt, Isabelle is now training to be a life coach. Of this accomplishment, Isabelle says, "Higher education is important because without this, many people with disabilities would not have the access to go to college in the state of Colorado. When I chose University of Northern Colorado, I knew that it was the right environment for me. Overall, I hope that many programs like this can elevate into a bigger community of people with disabilities."


Nita Chettiar


Nita Chettiar is a stay-at-home mom to a uniquely talented 9-year-old. She has completed her Masters in Environmental Engineering from Manhattan College, NY and has Bachelors in Science in Microbiology and Biotechnology from Mumbai University, India. She has over 12 years of experience working in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industry. The majority of her working years, she has led a team of laboratory individuals, working as a liaison with several departments and as a Subject Mater Expert for all things related to Aseptic and Non-Aseptic manufacturing, with a focus on process improvement. 

Her education and work life were far removed from the world of Autism or any kind of disabilities. When life presented her with speech-related challenges and other developmental delays in her then 18-month-old son, she was thrust into the world of evaluations and Developmental Pediatricians - a specialty she was blissfully unaware of until then. Since then, it’s been her goal to find the best therapist for her son and work with them to find out why his brain works the way it does and the best way to support him. Her quest to know more brought her to the CU-JFK Partners Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND) program. She is excited to use the knowledge gained during her LEND Fellowship to help the Developmental Disability community. She is currently a member of the Colorado Developmental Disabilities Council and their Planning and Grants committee. She is hopeful she can use her leadership qualities to better serve the Autism community.

Meet the 2022 Direct Support Professionals of the Year Finalists

DSP Finalists

Sarabeth Lawrence

Organization: Continuum of Colorado        
Time with organization: 3 years                 
Years as a DSP: 3 years


Victoria Martinez

Organization: Continuum of Colorado   

Time with organization: 5 years

Years as a DSP: 15+ years


John "Jonny" Nelson

Organization: Dungarvin

Time with organization: 10+ years

Years as a DSP: 17 years


Guadalupe Sanchez

Organization: Inspiration Field      

Time with organization: 2+ years                   

Years as a DSP: 10+ years


Justin Moon

Organization: Mosaic

Time with organization: 3 years

Years as a DSP: 11 years

Deb (Sweetalla) Rose.jpg

Deborah Rose

Organization: North Metro Community Services

Time with organization: 8 years

Years as a DSP: unknown


Aly Finch

Organization: Stepping Stone Support Center   

Time with organization: 1 year                  

Years as a DSP: 26 years

Congratulations to all 2022 DSP of the Year Nominees

AbleLight: Michelle Andricopoulos

Time with AbleLight: 8 months

Years as a DSP: over 8 years

AbleLight: Richard Arangua

Time with AbleLight: 6+ years

Years as a DSP: 6+ years

Ariel Clinical Services: Shaun Freeburg

Time with Ariel Clinical Services: 7+ years

Years as a DSP: 35+ years

Ascendigo Autism Services: Nina Mohrman

Time with Ascendigo Autism Services: 2 years

Years as a DSP: 16 years

Cheyenne Village: Georgeann Kulton

Time with Cheyenne Village: 7 years

Years as a DSP: 28 years

Cheyenne Village: Shernita Thomas

Time with Cheyenne Village: 2 years

Years as a DSP: 14 years

Community Connections, Inc.: Lisa Braun

Time with Community Connections, Inc.: 2 years

Years as a DSP: 2 years

Community Options, Inc.: Trisha Trujillo

Time with Community Options, Inc.: 5 years

Years as a DSP: 5 years

Community Options, Inc.: Amy Romero

Time with Community Options, Inc.: 11 years

Years as a DSP: 11 years

Cottonwood Community Alternatives: Siddartha "Sid" Bista

Time with Cottonwood Community Alternatives: 13 years

Years as a DSP: 18 years

Developmental Disabilities Resource Center: Dezirae Gurule

Time with DDRC: 4+ years

Years as a DSP: 4+ years

Easterseals Colorado: Jessica Richardson

Time with Easterseals: 5 years

Years as a DSP: 6 years

Envision: Marty McMullen

Time with Envision: 13+ years

Years as a DSP: 13+ years

Foothills Gateway, Inc.: Jared Renken

Time with Foothills Gateway, Inc.: 3 years

Years as a DSP: 5 years

Horizons Specialized Services: Shannan Davis

Time with Horizons Specialized Services: 4 years

Years as a DSP: 4 years

Imagine!: Jim Nelson

Time with Imagine!: 27 years

Years as a DSP: 27 years

Integrated Life Choices: Ashley Avila

Time with Integrated Life Choices: 10 months

Years as a DSP: unknown

Integrated Life Choices: Mike Keatinge

Time with Integrated Life Choices: 5 months

Years as a DSP: unknown

Laradon: Ashley Knapp

Time with Laradon: 6 months

Years as a DSP: 6 months

Laradon: Joe Mulder

Time with Laradon: 2+ years

Years as a DSP: 5 years

Mosaic: Melonie Davis

Time with Mosaic: 9 years

Years as a DSP: 30 years

Overture: Bradley Schlingman

Time with Overture: 6 years

Years as a DSP: 6 years

Overture: Stefanie Sladaritz

Time with Overture: 1 year

Years as a DSP: 1 year

Parker Personal Care Homes: Vanessa Moyle

Time with PPCH: 1+ years

Years as a DSP: 1+ years

Sample Supports: Ian Walsh

Time with Sample Supports: 2 years

Years as a DSP: 2 years

Skills Academy Vocational Center: Carolyn Clayton

Time with SAVC: 1+ years

Years as a DSP: 1+ years

Southeastern Developmental Services: Vivian Cave

Time with Southeastern Developmental Services: 5 years

Years as a DSP: 5 years

Stepping Stone Support Center: Louie Cohn

Time with Stepping Stone Support Center: 3+ years

Years as a DSP: 33+ years

STRiVE: Barb Horawa

Time with STRiVE: 7 years

Years as a DSP: unknown

STRiVE: Ingrid Chamaine Ready

Time with STRiVE: 2 years

Years as a DSP: unknown

The Child and Family Therapy Center of Denver: Sherrill Gallegos

Time with TCFTCD: 2+ years

Years as a DSP: unknown


 2022 Virtual IDD Awareness Day: Videos and Important Handouts


IDD Policy Webinar - Meet the presenters here!

  • Join us from 10:00am - 11:00am on March 23 to learn about:

    • The latest COVID-19 policy changes impacting people with IDD

    • IDD-related bills currently making their way through the Colorado Capitol

    • Ways that you can get involved in legislative advocacy


IDD Awareness Day Virtual Luncheon Speakers


Direct Support Professional of the Year Award Presentation

View our Public Communications about this event:

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