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Colorado IDD Training Opportunities and Public Webinars and Events


Alliance hosts and conducts a variety of training opportunities for our members and the general public. On this page, you will find some upcoming training opportunities in Colorado when there are trainings available. On this page, you will also find a calendar of Alliance Member Events.

Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing Provider Training Webpage:


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Upcoming Public Webinars

Alliance Public Webinar & Video Archive

Alliance Housing Webinar: Community Access Team (CAT) Rental Assistance Vouchers












February 13, 2024



  • Ann Watts, Community Access Team Manager, Division of Housing

More about the presentation:

  • Join us to learn about housing rental assistance that the State offers to people with disabilities who are exiting institutions or who are enrolled in the Supportive Living Services (SLS) Home and Community Based Services waiver and seeking to avoid placement on the Developmental Disabilities (DD) waiver. These state-funded housing vouchers are similar to Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers, but are more flexible and designed to help people with disabilities live as independently as possible. Learn how you can help people access this great resource!

Webinar Materials:

CCDC Medicaid Appeals 30-Minute Training!












September 14, 2023



  • Julie Reiskin, Co-Executive Director, Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition

  • Donna Sablan, Director of Appeals & Eligibility, Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition


More about the presentation: 

  • Learn how to help protect your clients who are being kicked off Medicaid AND protect yourselves due to the unwinding of the Public Health Emergency. Breaks in eligibility can affect your payments. The state is reviewing all clients after three years of no reviews and many are being kicked off Medicaid for a variety of "administrative" reasons. You will hear from an advocacy organization how to try to prevent people from being terminated but if it happens how and when to file appeals (promise it is easy and you do NOT need to be a lawyer).  Filing an appeal is often needed to keep benefits in place, which is how services and authorizations continue. 

Webinar Materials:

This webinar will be recorded and sent to all registrants and shared on Alliance's Facebook page.

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community language coop.png

Language Justice Training

Engaging Linguistically Diverse Communities


Two Part Training

September 12th, 10AM-12PM


September 19th, 10AM-12PM

Learning Session Overview

When organizations engage communities equitably and respectfully, we see the greatest impact. This training opportunity will provide organizations with practices to ensure the inclusion and accessibility of linguistically diverse communities.


The training will include the following:

  • Modeling language justice in community settings

  • Learning activities to showcase the importance of using heart languages

  • Exploring historical language oppression

  • Using language justice as a tool for liberation

  • Overview of the key elements of language justice

  • Tutorial on using Zoom interpretation and interpretation devices

  • Introduction to the language justice continuum for self/organizational evaluation​


About Community Language Cooperative


The Community Language Cooperative (CLC) provides language and community engagement services to ensure inclusion and accessibility to linguistically diverse communities. The Cooperative offers services that broaden participation opportunities and increase community engagement by non-English speakers. CLC’s services allow organizations and government agencies to remove all language and cultural barriers as a standard component of important meetings, focus groups, and events that impact communities."

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LGBTQ+ Basics Training


August 22, 2023

1:00 - 3:30PM



To provide comprehensive training for Alliance Colorado staff, members, and national representatives to increase awareness about LGBTQ+ best practices and effective strategies for creating an inclusive culture for LGBTQ+ employees and community members.

LGBTQ+ Basics: This course focuses on introducing basic language and terminology, while creating a safe space for questions. We will cover the differences between sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as expand on the additional types of diverse identities that fall under the LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) umbrella. This course explores best practices for engaging with the LGBTQ+ community, the importance of pronoun usages and their impact on transgender and gender expansive people, tips for supporting colleagues that come out as LGBTQ+, and strategies for supporting the community through allyship.

This webinar will be recorded and sent to all registrants.

Johnny Humphrey, MBA, serves as the Director of Inclusivity Services at The Center on Colfax and leads the agency’s RANGE Consulting program. Johnny has over a decade of IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity & accessibility) experience and was a recipient of the 2020 Inclusion@Work Award by the Center for Legal Inclusion. He currently serves on the Executive Committee for the Aurora Chamber of Commerce's Diversity & Inclusion Council and is a member of Colorado's LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) Chamber of Commerce. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management, a master’s degree in Business Administration and a certification in Diversity & Inclusion.

Learn more about The Center on Colfax and RANGE Consulting HERE >

CHRP Provider Recruitment 

September 29, 2022 at 1:00pm


More about the presentation: 

  • Learn about an opportunity to expand your reach! The Children’s Habilitation Residential Program (CHRP) waiver provides services for children and youth with intellectual & developmental disabilities who are living in the family home or who need residential services outside of the family home. The waiver does not require child welfare involvement and includes expanded services to better support children and families. The Department is seeking to increase provider capacity for the CHRP services: Habilitation, Respite (in and out of home), Community Connector, Massage Therapy, Movement Therapy, Hippotherapy, Wraparound Facilitator, and Child & Youth Mentorship. The presentation includes information on who is eligible for the waiver, service descriptions, overview of regulatory requirements, and how to become a provider.

This webinar is FREE for both Alliance and non-Alliance members and their staff.

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Alliance NEON (National Expansion of Employment Opportunities Network) Webinar Series ARCHIVE


Meaningful Days: A Deeper Dive - VIEW RECORDING HERE

June 6, 2023


The HCBS Settings Rule requires states to ensure that programs promote greater integration. This includes serving people in the same environments in which non-disabled people work and engage in recreational activities as well as offering individualized, rather than program-wide, schedules for program participants with disabilities. The rule also requires settings to work to provide opportunities for competitive integrated employment for people with disabilities.


During this webinar, Jeannine Pavlak will share:

  • Strategies that help identify and match individuals interests to their broader community

  • Planning strategies and tools that foster greater acceptance and inclusion within the community


Meaningful Days: Living A Good Life - VIEW RECORDING HERE

​May 24, 2023


Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' guidance for HCBS services (3/22/19) instructs states to ensure that service provision results in people with disabilities having opportunities to fully participate in their communities.


Meaningful day services are not just about getting out of the building. They are intentional by design used to actively support people to explore, connect, and contribute to their communities and develop life skills. When done well, meaningful day services create pathways to employment, greater independence, belonging and lasting relationships. People of all abilities benefit from this type of support.


During this webinar, Jeannine Pavlak will share:

  • An overview of meaningful day services and why they are important

  • Tools and strategies used by service providers in the provision of meaningful day services

  • Stories about people involved in meaningful day services

Managing the Job Development Process - VIEW RECORDING HERE

October 26, 2022


Managers and Supervisors play a critical role in developing the skills and assessing the performance of job developers. This webinar looks at strategies and tools that effectively develop and monitor employer partnerships. We will explore the role of the Employment Program Manager in managing the job development process and the metrics used to continuously improve employer engagement. This webinar is intended for those who supervise Job Developers.

Data Data Everywhere, It's Time to Stop and Think - VIEW RECORDING HERE

March 1, 2022


​Improving operations and outcomes is the goal, but how do we decide what data to capture.  This presentation will discuss important data metrics that improved our bottom line, helped our organization improve our operations and to tell our story of why employment is so important.

21st Century Jobs - What COVID-19 Has Done to the Workforce

November 16, 2021


From furloughs and job losses to severe workforce shortages, a lot has changed since 2020. How can service providers identify and meet their critical workforce needs in light of these new demands? How can we adapt our thinking to meet job seekers where they are at and leverage their expectations and skills? Once they're hired, how can we best support them in this new work environment? This webinar/discussion will provide an opportunity to rethink our go-to strategies and revive our service planning.


Employment is Everyone's Job - VIEW RECORDING HERE
October 20, 2021 


While changes in legislation supporting competitive integrated employment for individuals with disabilities continue, why do the majority of individuals still remain isolated and impoverished?  How can we as providers of services create processes that lead to better outcomes?  This webinar will challenge the audience to take a deeper look in to their service delivery models and peel away the layers that keep individuals from achieving their employment goals.

Maximizing Employer Engagement - view recording here

June 22, 2021


​It’s always worth celebrating when someone is placed in the right job, but the depth of the employer relationship doesn’t need to stop there! True engagement with business partners can take advocacy and experience and turn it into real social change. Learn how to find mutual mission matches with businesses in your community and how it can lead to deeper levels of support for you and for their businesses as well.

Benefits Counseling: Navigating the Possibility of Work - view recording here
October 29, 2020

Benefits are vital to the overall health and well-being of people with disabilities. Work is a key factor for any individual’s overall health and happiness. Understanding the interaction of benefits and work can be confusing and scary.  Benefits counseling is the key service to discover how to navigate the interaction of benefits and work! We invite you to learn why benefits counseling is a key piece in planning for work as part of a successful future! 

In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • What is benefits counseling and what the people you serve can expect

  • How  those you serve can access this service through Colorado’s WIPA (Work Incentive Planning and Assistance) Project or through the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)

  • Why benefits counseling addresses myths and misconceptions about losing benefits and important programs such as ABLE Accounts, Medicaid Buy-In, and Social Security Work Incentives

Lastly, we will discuss what the Colorado Office of Employment First is focusing on with Benefits Counseling, including a sneak peek at the new Disability Benefits 101 tool (DB 101) and other COEF opportunities to learn about improving employment outcomes for all individuals with disabilities.

Building Meaningful Lives Webinar III: Managing community-based services and field-based teams - view recording here
September 29, 2020
Addressing the logistical challenges of providing community-based services and moving your organization’s programming forward in today’s world.
Learn more here

Building Meaningful Lives Webinar III PowerPoint


Lesson: GERMS, Hand Hygiene and Flu Safety

Coronavirus video

Building Meaningful Lives Webinar II: Setting goals and building skills in community settings - view recording here
September 23, 2020
The tools and strategies for creating person-centered plans and fostering inclusion, self-sufficiency, and independence in integrated settings.
Learn more here

Building Meaningful Lives Webinar II PowerPoint
Positive Personal Profile

Life Skills Assessment example


Building Meaningful Lives Webinar I: A new day for day services - view recording here
September 15, 2020
An introduction to using day services in meaningful ways to promote community inclusion and pathways to employment.
Learn more here

Building Meaningful Lives Webinar I PowerPoint

Life Skills Assessment

Positive Personal Profile

Job Development with a Mission in Mind - view recording here

Learn More Here
August 27, 2020

Carl’s video resume


Living Your Mission - view recording here

Learn More Here
August 17, 2020

November 14, 2019 at 2:00pm

It’s Time to END THE WAIT: 2020 Legislation to End the DD Wait List and Build Community Capacity








  • Webinar Title: It’s Time to END THE WAIT: 2020 Legislation to End the DD Wait List and Build Community Capacity

  • When: November 14, 2019 at 2:00pm

  • Speaker(s): Emma Hudson, Ellen Jensby

  • Description: The time has come to end the waiting list and ensure that Coloradans with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families have access to the services and providers that help them live meaningful lives in their communities. We believe that 2020 is the year for the IDD community to stand together to make this goal a reality! In order to succeed, we need your help.  This webinar will explain the details behind this critical legislative proposal and how you can get involved in the END THE WAIT campaign. Find out who supports this proposal, how to communicate with your local legislators, and other ways that you can share your story and endorse the bill. Make sure you’re in-the-know on the biggest legislative proposal impacting people with IDD in 2020!

End the Wait Logo 2.jpg

July 17, 2019 at 2:00pm

Home Modification Tax Credits




  • Webinar Title: Home Modification Tax Credits

  • When: July 17, 2019 at 2:00pm (Run time: 22:21)

  • Speaker(s): Ann Watts, Community Access Team Manager, Division of Housing, DOLA and Naomi Hubert, Housing Rehabilitation & Accessibility Specialist , Division of Housing, DOLA

  • More about the presentation: More Coloradans with disabilities than ever can get up to a $5,000 credit on their state income taxes, thanks to a legislative clarification during the 2019 session. Those who retrofit their home for better access to themselves or a family member with a disability may be entitled to part of the $1 million targeted for households with incomes below $150k per year.  Join us to learn about how you and your family can benefit from this new program! Colorado Division of Housing staff will explain the goals, requirements and process - and show off the online application system they developed for the program.

  • Resources:


March 21, 2019 at 10:00am

HB1407 Webinar 2.0: What Providers Need to Know about Rate Increases & Caregiver Resources


  • Webinar Title: HB1407 Webinar 2.0: What Providers Need to Know about Rate Increases & Caregiver Resources

  • When: March 21, 2019, 10:00am

  • Speaker(s): Alliance Government Relations Team

  • More about the presentation: It’s time!! The 6.5% rate increase designed to increase Direct Support Professional compensation goes into effect on March 1st. We know many agencies are excited to see these additional funds flowing in to support their hard-working staff, but we also know there are a LOT of remaining questions. This webinar will cover all the NEW information we’ve learned since our last 1407 webinar, as well as a recap of the critical information we shared previously. Join us as we review the impetus for the rate increase in HB18-1407 and then dive head-first into the implementation details of the bill for IDD provider agencies. We will review anticipated HCPF rules regarding the implementation of the 6.5% rate increase in detail. In particular, we will cover what services are included, when and how agencies will see the increase in rates, rules about how agencies can and cannot spend the additional funds, what the reporting requirements will look like, answers to frequently asked questions, and more. We will also review the new waiver resources that have been released as part of the bill. Join us for this webinar to be in-the-know as this major piece of legislation is unrolled! Please send any questions you would like us to cover in the webinar to

alliance 2016 logo.png

September 24, 2018 at 11:00am

#Vote4Medicaid: A Public Education Project 



  • Webinar Title: #Vote4Medicaid: A Public Education Project 

  • Speaker: Lucinda Rowe, PASCO, CCDC Community Organizer and
    Stacy Yusim, CCDC Community Organizer

  • When: September 24 2018, 11:00am

More about the presentation:

We represent a population for whom Medicaid can be life and death. Looking at surveys, many members of the public support what  Medicaid does, but have negative associations with the program. We want Coloradans to educate candidates for office and other decision makers, about the importance of Medicaid. Our strategy is to recruit 250 organizations to sign up as coalition members as we create and disseminate positive messaging about Medicaid. Our goal is that NO statewide candidate for any office, of any party, will work to destroy Medicaid as we know it.

We want to include you in the discussion about our project:

  • Are we opposing Medicaid reform?

  • What are organizations being asked to do if they sign on to this education project?

  • Who decides on the messaging?

  • How can I support the goals of my organization and support this project?

  • What is the timeline?

  • What about the restrictions on non-profits doing anything political?

  • What if not all my organization’s clients are on Medicaid?

  • Will this project address problems with Medicaid?

  • Is this project connected to supporting universal healthcare or Medicare for all?

Colorado Cross Disability Coalition is reaching out to organizations around Colorado to pledge their support for positive messaging about the importance of Medicaid.   
Please click the link below to fill out the form and pledge your support. Feel free to contact Alliance with any questions you may have.  We already have so many organizations signed on. We hope to also get your organization on board! 
Medicaid Pledge #Vote4Medicaid-A Public Education Project  ​

July 17, 2018 at 2:00pm

What Providers Need to Know about HB 1407, the Aging Caregiver and Direct Support Workforce Bill


  • Webinar Title: What Providers Need to Know about HB 1407, the Aging Caregiver and Direct Support Workforce Bill

  • Speakers: Alliance Government Relations Team

  • When: July 17, 2018 at 2:00pm


More About the Presentation:

  • Any piece of legislation worth $67 million per year is going to include a lot of implementation details to make it work. Join us as we discuss some of the background of HB18-1407 and what the bill means for your agency. We will describe the 6.5% rate increase in detail, including what services are included, when it will go into effect, how we anticipate agencies will be able to spend the funds, reporting requirements, and more. We will also review the new waiver resources that have been released as part of the bill. Join us for this webinar to be in-the-know as this major effort is unrolled! Please send any questions you would like us to cover in the webinar to

September 1, 2016 from 10am MST

Alliance's FREE Public Webinar: OSHA's Workplace Violence Hazards at Residential IDD Facilities Program


  • Webinar Title: OSHA's Workplace Violence Hazards at Residential IDD Facilities Program

  • Speaker: John Olaechea, Compliance Assistance Specialist, OSHA – Region 8

  • When: Thursday, September 1, 10:00am-10:30am (You will receive an email with the login info for this webinar at 9:00am on September 1st, so please register before September 1.)

  • PDF Copy of the PowerPoint

  • For more information on the OSHA Workplace Violence Hazards at Residential IDD Facilities Program click HERE.


In February 2016, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a Region Emphasis Program (REP) in Region 8 (Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota) called Workplace Violence Hazards at Residential Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Facilities. Under this initiative, OSHA plans to conduct inspections of employers in the IDD industry to ensure that workers are being protected from workplace violence.

John Olaechea from OSHA will cover the OSHA inspection process, the Emphasis Program (why, when, how they are conducting these inspections), some of the things they will be looking for during inspections, and compliance assistance resources. 
Alliance sent out the origination outreach letter to our members about this issue in March. Many other similar outreach letters have now been sent providers in Region 8.  OSHA will be looking to start inspections in the next few months.

John Olaechea

Compliance Assistance Specialist

OSHA – Region VIII

1244 Speer Blvd.

Suite 551

Denver, CO 80204-3516


February 22nd, 2016 from 10:00am - 11:00pm

Alliance Public Webinar Presentation: FREE PCT Training in Colorado

This webinar is also posted on Alliance's Public PCT Page.


This webinar will provide an overview of Person-Centered Thinking and information about a series of free trainings that will be provided across Colorado in the coming months. The Department of Health Care Policy and Financing is contracting with Support Development Associates (SDA), in partnership with the Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL), to conduct an ambitious schedule of trainings for providers, direct support professionals, individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, their families, and advocates. In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • What is person-centered thinking?

  • What classes will be offered? 

  • Who is providing the training? 

  • Which class or classes should I, my family, or my staff attend? 

  • How can this training benefit me, my family, and my staff? 

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