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Colorado Department of Human Services (Denver Metro)

The Colorado Department of Human Services welcomes your interest in the Wheat Ridge Regional Center (WRRC) Director position. This position exists to provide direction, leadership and management to the WRRCand to direct the operations of comprehensive services for 19 ICF/IID homes and 375 agency staff and assures all supervised departments provide services based on established rules, regulations and policies. The Director supervises professional staff as a first, second, third and fourth level supervisor. This position monitors activity through record review, observation and communication networking, coordinates all services with regards to client health care, treatment and habilitation planning and implementation.

Responsibilities in this position include:

  • Develop, implement and monitor compliance with Division policies and procedures.

  • Direct overall operation of agency-wide comprehensive services and ensure compliance with State and Federal licensure and regulatory requirements of.

  • Responsible for agency budget and allocation of multi-million spending authority by managing reports and approving spending.

  • Act as the director of the agency management team and directly supervises each primary member of management.

  • Responsible for agency budget and allocation of $27 million of spending authority.

  • Responsible, in collaboration with people who have disabilities, the Agency Management Team, and the Director for Regional Center Operations for development and implementation of the Vision, Mission, Strategic Planning, Philosophical Direction and Quality Management of the agency.

  • Ensure a system of person-centered services are provided and adhere to the Final Settings Rule.

  • Ensure systems are in place to assess, implement and modify program plans along with supports and services to meet the needs of the persons served.

  • Encourage and promote evidence based, best practice, Person Centered program in serving people with developmental disabilities.

  • Coordinate and collaborate with: Director of Regional Center Operations, Deputy Director of Regional Center Operations, Division of Developmental Disabilities, Community Centered Boards, Health Facilities and Emergency Medical Services Division, The Legal Center, advocates, parents, family members, attorneys and guardians in order to assure the role of the Wheat Ridge Regional Center is responsive to the needs of individuals in the context of the entire service system.


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